Commercial Real Estate 3D Virtual Tours

Commercial property listings for sale or lease are seeing perhaps the greatest benefits from the functional nature of a 3D Virtual Tour. Prospective tenants and purchasers of commercial space oftentimes are not able to get a comprehensive and true understanding of the environment from typical 2D images. These spaces often have restricted access and a 3D Virtual Tour with its online visibility provides an always open view into the inside characteristics of the space.

A Competitive Commercial Market

In this competitive market, it is critical to maximize your properties visibility when selling or leasing a commercial real estate property. With visitors attention span on average 5 - 10 seconds, it’s important to capture the visitors attention then engage with  prospect’s  In such a competitive field,  you’ll need to be up to date with the latest Commercial Real Estate trends and marketing technology in order to effectively serve your clients

Commercial Real Estate 3D Virtual Tours

Commercial Real Estate Marketing

Ask any Real Estate Professional about the benefits of investing in commercial property and you’ll likely start a discussion on how such properties are a better investment than Residential Real Estate. Commercial property owners can’t get enough of the additional cash flow, the relatively open playing field, the abundant market for good, affordable property managers and the bigger payoff from Commercial Real Estate Sales.

As enticing as being at the closing table might be for Commercial Real Estate Agents, the problem of acquiring new leads, far reaching marketing. Our Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours will capture interest and allow online prospects the opportunity to take a guided 360 Tour of your building without setting appointments or costly travel expenses. Business owners and investors looking to purchase Commercial Real Estate will be impressed by professional, high quality walk-through style 360 Virtual Tour imaging, high resolution HDR Property Photography, and Aerial Photography, making your Commercial Real Estate property stand out from the rest.

Commercial 3D Virtual Tours

In addition to drastically increasing interest in your commercial Real Estate Property, a Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tour will also simplify your sales efforts. Because your building or office space is available to be viewed online 24/7, you can spend your efforts working with your most serious clients that are showing further interest. Our Commercial Real Estate Virtual Tours are an extremely powerful marketing tool that will assist you in closing big commercial real estate deals.

Attract Viewers. Engage Visitors. ​Drive Traffic.

​Your Commercial Space Presented in 3D

​Matterport 3D Virtual Tours provide viewers an interactive step-by-step walk-through ​of your ​commercial space ​accessible ​anytime day or night right from their phone or tablet. 3D Virtual tours provide an interactive top down floor plan view of the entire ​​facility providing viewers a better perspective of ​the space for lease or purchase, common areas, and overall ​layout. 

3 Different Interactive ​Viewing Modes
Dollhouse View, Floor Plan View and Inside Walk-through ​mode allows viewers ​to easily move from room to room and ​floor to floor with the flick of a finger. 

​High Quality Images
​Stunning high quality images can be captured from your 3D Virtual Tour and stylishly presented in a highlight reel at the bottom.

Annotation Tags
​Provide key information about features in your 3D space ​to remote clients, home buyers, prospective lessees and global audiences through Step By Step Annotation Tags.

Google Street View
Matterport 3D Virtual Tours can now be converted to Google Street View tours for increased visibility of your space online. Just ask us how!

Annotation Tags

Interactive Dollhouse View

Floor Plans

​Compatible on any device

Start Your Project with Step By Step 3D

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