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Commercial property listings for sale or lease are seeing perhaps the greatest benefits from the functional nature of a 3D Virtual Tour.  Prospective tenants and purchasers of commercial space oftentimes are not able to get a comprehensive  and true understanding of the environment from typical 2D images.  These spaces often have restricted access and a 3D Virtual Tour with its online visibility provides an always open view into the inside characteristics of the space. 

Featured Commercial Office Space

Benefits of a 3D Scanning a Commercial Office Space

All 3D Virtual Tours provide an interactive top down floor plan view of the entire facility providing viewers a better perspective of office areas, community areas, and overall structure.  A dollhouse perspective is also provided allowing users to spin the 3D space allowing an all encompassing view into every aspect of the environment.  Once a scan is complete, 2D schematic floor plans with room dimension can also be generated providing a hard copy version for sharing and collaborating.

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Step By Step 3D would love to take you with us on our 3D exploration of unique & exciting Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City locations.  We invite you to join us in the creation of our 3D map of our town.  Simply provide us with your name and email below and you will be the first to visit these amazing locations in 3D along with updates on upcoming projects and newsworthy events.  See you in 3D!


Step By Step 3D is such an awesome service to boost the look of your business. A lot of people wonder what's behind our walls in a commercial warehouse. Now we can showcase our facility on our website with the help of Step By Step 3D. Very amazing owners and can be trusted to make your place reality in the 3D world. We have had a great traction on our business and website because of this addition. Its so fun to guide through the areas and makes you feel like you're in your own place. Thank you so much for a great product!

Lisa Jones

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