Convention & Meeting Space 3D Virtual Tours

Want to attract more convention organizers to your meeting space Don’t just tell them about space availability or amenities, show them! 

Convention & Meeting Space 3D Virtual Tours

Your convention and meeting space has been meticulously ​engineered to offer flexibility and versatility ​with the purposeful intention of accommodating everything from small group meetings, ​large wedding receptions, corporate events and trade show conventions. ​What better way to show off your usable space than with a fully immersive and interactive 3D Virtual Tour.  

at-a-glance 3D Virtual Tour features 

3 Different Interactive Viewing Modes

Embeddable Media Tags

High Quality 2D Images & 360 Photography

Indoor Google Street View

​Share your ​convention ​& meeting space with the rest of the world! 

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​speed up the decision making process

Event organizers will be able to visualize your convention and meeting room space in a way that is much more helpful and engaging ​than with traditional ​2D photography.  ​From small corporate events to large conferences, assessing the spatial and functional specifications of a facility is paramount to the decision-making process. Step By Step 3D Virtual Tours offers a comprehensive first-person look into your facility, ultimately providing event coordinators with the detailed information they need to determine if your location is the right fit for their next event.


​trade shows

​Trade Shows are an extremely popular way for businesses within a similar industry to introduce new and existing products or concepts to suppliers, distributors, and consumers from across the globe.   Provide viewers an interactive step-by-step walk-through of your exhibitor space accessible anytime day or night right from their phone or tablet.  3D Virtual tours provide exhibitors and attendees with an interactive top down floor plan view of the convention floor providing viewers with a better perspective of booth locations, event space, amenities, and overall layout.  ​Attendees who were able to visit your booth during the convention will love being able to re-visit your product offerings online after they’ve returned home.  ​For those that c​ould not attend the trade show in person, exhibitors can bring these absent attendees right into their space as if they were actually there with an interactive Step By Step 3D Virtual Tour.


​identify key locations and features within your 3d space

​Our 3D tours can also be customized with Media Tags. These are interactive hot-spots containing video, images, hyperlinks, and text descriptions that can be linked to specific physical locations in your 3D space. They are an excellent way of communicating valuable information to your visitors such as ​booth locations, video description of items of interest, special promotions and more.


​photography that stands out

2D images and 360° panoramic photos can be extracted from your 3D Virtual Tour for use on your website, social media posting and uploaded to your Google My Business listing for increased exposure online.


Indoor Google Street View

​All ​Matterport 3D Virtual Tours can now be converted to a Google Street View Tour, completely discoverable when searching the web and tied directly to your Google Business listing. An ​Indoor Google Street View provides viewers an ​all encompassing 360 view into your business ​accessible anytime day or night.  This means, when you're closed for business, your online Google Street View Tour continues to work for you bringing in online visitors and introducing ​them to your products and services.  The end result is increased engagement and traffic to your website.  

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