Education​al Facilities

​With 3D modeling technology, present your buildings, facilities and exterior campus to ​future students ​edging out the competition. Interacting with your campus or school online allows visitors to make connection before they arrive in person.  ​Document inventory and room configurations. Plan safety and security measures and allow first responders quick access to the facility in immersive 3D.

Featured​ Education​al Facility​

Benefits of a 3D​ Education​al Facility​

​3D Virtual Tours ​empower anyone from around the globe to engage in your facility anytime, from anywhere.

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Step By Step 3D would love to take you with us on our 3D exploration of unique & exciting Las Vegas, Henderson & Boulder City locations.  We invite you to join us in the creation of our 3D map of our town.  Simply provide us with your name and email below and you will be the first to visit these amazing locations in 3D along with updates on upcoming projects and newsworthy events.  See you in 3D!


Step By Step 3D is such an awesome service to boost the look of your business. A lot of people wonder what's behind our walls in a commercial warehouse. Now we can showcase our facility on our website with the help of Step By Step 3D. Very amazing owners and can be trusted to make your place reality in the 3D world. We have had a great traction on our business and website because of this addition. Its so fun to guide through the areas and makes you feel like you're in your own place. Thank you so much for a great product!

Lisa Jones

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