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What is An Indoor Google Street View?

An Indoor Google Street View is a series of 360 panoramic images taken of the inside of a business stitched together to create an interactive walk-through that can be easily embedded on a website or uploaded into your Google My Business Listing. This type of media rich content provides users with a unique way to engage with your business 24 hours 7 days a week even when your physical location is closed. Google Business Listings with high quality imagery and 360 virtual experiences are twice as likely to generate interest on your business listing keeping your online viewers engaged with your product or service.


What is an outdoor google street view?

​Many of the streets around our valley have been meticulously catalogued by Google and displayed for our navigational use in the form of Google Maps. Google calls this Outdoor Google Street View.  You may have even used this navigational tool when searching for a local business.  Oftentimes however Google's driven path did not include the roadways leading up to and around your business.  Or when Google last drove by your business, you particular path or structures along the path ​ha​ve ​significantly changed since ​it was last driven.  That's where we come in.  Step By Step 3D has the ability to rescan ​driving paths leading directly up to and around your business so your customers can find you more efficiently.  

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What is Google My Business?

If you've ever searched for a business on Google, chances are you've seen its Google My Business listing. In fact, it's probably what you clicked on to find more information about that business.

Google allows businesses the ability to create their very own Google My Business listing designed to provide helpful information to its customers. Depending on how complete the listing is (and this is very important), you can usually find a photo section, map of its location, store hours, how to reach the business, a review section and more recently an Indoor Google Street View.

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Why do I need a Google My Business?

Your company’s Google My Business should be one of the most important components in your internet marketing toolbox. It’s the first thing users will see when directly searching your company’s name on Google and it’s a major factor that contributes to Google's algorithm in determining the visibility of your website. A complete Google Business Listing is definitely something you want to achieve including making sure you have accurate store hours, contact info and location information.

What type​ of business benefits from an Indoor Google Street View?

Indoor Google Street Views allow visitors, future customers, and clients to step into any business 24 hours a day 7 days a week and explore the inside as if they were actually there. This is why literally any business with a physical address that offers a service or product for sale can benefit from having a virtual tour of their business integrated into their Google My Business Listing. 


​An ​Indoor Google Street View provides viewers an ​all encompassing 360 view into your business ​accessible anytime day or night.  This means, when you're closed for business, your online Google Street View Tour continues to work for you bringing in online visitors and introducing ​them to your products and services.  The end result is increased engagement and traffic to your website.  


​Outdoor street mapping 

​​Our outdoor street capture system allows us to catalog city and rural areas in order to deliver detailed city infrastructure information to the entities that need it. Using the iStar Pulsar from NCTech Imaging we are able to ​assist in a wide range of industrial and smart city applications, such as ​assessing the impact of new builds in urban planning, ​delivering transportation analytics to reduce congestion, ​providing city documentation for asset management and ​monitoring crowd flow to increase security.  ​Give us a call to find out how we can help.  

Hire a Pro

Should I Hire a Google Trusted Pro

You work hard at growing your business. Let our Google Trusted photographer put our skills to work for you.  A Google Trusted Pro is proficient in capturing and publishing 360 photos and familiar with Google image quality standards. We can create a stunning 3D Virtual Tour of your business and then seamlessly integrate the tour with your Google Business Listing.  We deliver immersive, virtual experiences that inspire trust among prospective customers before they arrive. 

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