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Helpful Reminders Regarding Your 3D Virtual Tour Scan

  • Make sure to clean, organize, and arrange the space as you want it to appear in the final Virtual Tour (Note: Nothing can be moved once the scanning process has begun). Step By Step 3D Staff are not responsible for cleaning and arranging the space however we will do our best to remove items from the scan on a case by case basis if time permits.
  • The camera we use for scanning your establishment can capture your space from every angle, therefore, be sure to hide anything you don’t want seen such as personal or private items.
  • Personal photos or confidential customer information that you do not wish to have displayed in the tour should be taken down and stored out of view.
  • Make sure there are no moving objects or persons in or around the scanning area.
  • Doors are to remain completely open or closed for the duration of the scan.
  • A closed door indicates that you do not wish that room to be scanned and therefore will not appear in the final model.
  • Storage rooms and garages are not typically scanned.  If you would like to have these areas scanned as part of the tour, please let our staff know as this may incur an extra charge if not originally counted in the initial square footage. We can however take a 360° image with the camera and include it in the highlight reel at the bottom of the tour for no additional charge.
  • We do not scan the exterior of the property due to interference's with the Sun and the infrared scanner inside the camera.  Some Matterport Service Providers do attempt to scan the exterior, but this often creates an unsightly and dizzying experience for the consumer and we want your viewers to have the very best user experience possible.  We can however take 360° images using the Matterport camera and include these in the highlight reel at the bottom of the tour for no additional charge, so please make sure the exterior is prepared as well.
  • On average, it takes about 1 hour for every 2000 sq ft of space to be scanned, therefore the time it takes to complete the scanning process will depend on the size of the property.

We appreciate your help and participation in making this a smooth experience for all.

Thank you!

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