Unleashing the Power of Sim-Stages for Seamless Construction Documentation

Welcome to the future of construction documentation! We are proud to introduce Sim-Stages. A Construction monitoring & communication groundbreaking platform and service ccreated by Sim-Labs.

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Welcome to the future of construction documentation! We are proud to introduce Sim-Stages. A Construction monitoring & communication groundbreaking platform and service that will revolutionize how you manage and access construction data. The Stages platform combines Matterport Digital Twins, Bim, 3D Models, and 2D Blueprints, empowering your field-to-office teams with comprehensive and chronological construction data. Stages ensures all stakeholders have instant, secure access to complex documentation, fostering collaboration, transparency, and efficiency throughout the entire construction process.

The Evolution of Documentation

Documentation has long been a crucial aspect of the construction industry. However, traditional methods often suffer from inefficiencies, limited accessibility, and time consuming processes. Stages addresses these challenges head-on, ushering in a new era of construction documentation that is efficient, precise, and user-friendly.

Complete Coverage with Matterport Technology

At the core of Stages lies Matterport technology, utilizing the latest Pro 3 and Pro 2 cameras to create accurate 3D digital twins of your single or multiple locations. Matterport has established itself as a leader in the 3D imaging industry, providing unparalleled quality and detail. With Stages monitoring and communication platform, and Step By Step 3D's Nationwide team of capture experts you can rest assured that your construction projects will be meticulously captured, providing a comprehensive representation of the site at every stage.

Empowering Field-to-Office Teams

Stages doesn't stop at displaying 3D digital twins; it goes beyond to empower your field-to-office teams. The platform allows for seamless data sharing between on-site personnel and office-based teams, enabling real-time collaboration and decision-making. No longer will your teams have to rely on outdated and fragmented documentation – Stages offers a central hub for all construction-related information, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page.

The Power of Chronological Overview

With Stages, construction documentation is no longer a scattered collection of data points. Stages provides a chronological overview of the entire construction process, allowing teams to track progress, identify potential bottlenecks, and make informed decisions based on up-to-date information. This chronological perspective ensures a smooth and coordinated workflow, saving time and resources.

Instant, Secure Access for All Involved

Gone are the days of waiting for the latest construction updates or dealing with security concerns over sensitive data. Sim-stages grants all stakeholders instant and secure access to the construction documentation they need. Whether you're a project manager, architect, contractor, or client, the platform ensures that you can access the necessary information at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Seamless Integration with Existing Workflows

We understand that adopting a new technology can be daunting, especially when it comes to integrating it with existing workflows. That's why Stages has been designed with compatibility in mind. The platform easily integrates with popular project management and collaboration tools, making the transition smooth and painless. Say goodbye to disruptive changes – with Stages, your teams can continue working in familiar environments while benefiting from enhanced documentation capabilities.

Why Choose Sim-stages

Efficiency: Streamline your construction documentation process and eliminate inefficiencies, enabling your teams to focus on what they do best.
Accuracy: Benefit from the precision and accuracy of Matterport technology, ensuring that every detail of your construction site is captured and documented.
Collaboration: Foster collaboration and real-time decision-making among stakeholders, creating a unified and efficient construction workflow.
Security: Sim-stages prioritizes the security of your data, ensuring that sensitive construction documentation remains confidential and accessible only to authorized personnel.
Future-Proof: Embrace the latest advancements in construction documentation technology and future-proof your projects with Sim-Stages. Visit Sim-Stages at

Working with Step By Step 3D's nationwide team of capture experts

At Step By Step 3D, we believe in collaboration from the very beginning. When you choose to utlize Stages Construction monitoring & communication platform, our team of experts will work closely with you to create a tailored timeline for capture, collaboration and documentation. We work with you to ensure that every phase of the construction process is accounted for, from initial scanning to final handover. Our goal is to make the implementation of Stages seamless and effective, maximizing the value it brings to your construction projects.  Visit us at

Empowering Construction Documentation, One Stage at a Time.

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