Industries Using Matterport Virtual Tours

A Step By Step 3D Matterport® Virtual Tour is the perfect way to showcase your business​ online

Businesses, real estate agents and homeowners from all over the world are already experiencing tremendous benefits from the increased exposure of their real world establishment expertly presented in 3D. Our clients come from many diverse industries including residential and commercial real estate, vacation rentals, healthcare, dining, retail, city government, gaming, hotel, hospitality and more. Virtually any organization that uses, rents, or sells a physical space can benefit from the many functional uses of a Matterport 3D Virtual tour.



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Below are just some of the industries gaining an online boost from our 3D Walkthroughs.



​Our interactive and completely immersive real estate virtual tour powered by Matterport® technology offer potential buyers a 24/7 open house experience, allowing visitors to walk through your listing without ever leaving their phone or tablet.  Buyers can get an immediate and true sense of the home their interested in ​facilitating the decision making process.  Text descriptions, embedded video and hyperlinks can even be added to the tour ​in the form of Media Tags enhancing the user's experience by pointing out specific attributes, upgraded elements, or unique features of the home.

Starbucks retail

Retail & Shopping Center Virtual Tours

Want to attract more customers to your retail business or boutique? Don’t just tell them what you sell, show them! Give your customers the opportunity to experience your business online with a Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour well before they arrive, offering them a more accurate sense of your products and services. ​

Home Builder Virtual Tours

​When it comes to choosing the house of their dreams, potential buyers want to visualize every square inch of their future home.   With our interactive and completely immersive 3D Virtual Tours powered by Matterport® technology you can now offer potential buyers a 24/7 open house experience, allowing visitors to walk through your community models anytime day or night.

vacation rental Virtual Tours

​Vacationers can let their fingers do the walking as they pick their next vacation destination right from their tablet or smartphone. Immersive 3D virtual tours can give your guests the perfect inside look at guest rooms and amenities allowing them to book with confidence.

Laboratory Virtual Tours


In a time where transparency in the scientific process is extremely critical, virtual tours are providing laboratories with the necessary tools to help clients, customers, and consumers visualize their facility and its laboratory processes. Inform third party entities, clients, and future customers of the true capabilities and workflow of your lab with a true-to-life 3D representation of your facility.  ​

Dental Virtual Tours

Healthcare Virtual Tours

​3D Virtual Tours ​are pushing the boundaries of how medical & healthcare centers are communicating with members of the public who might need specialized care the most.  With a 3D Virtual Tour, you can now provide a future patient with the opportunity to see and understand your facility in an immersive and interactive way, allowing them to become familiar with your amenities, services, and accommodations.  

Education Virtual Tours

​education Virtual Tours

For colleges and private schools, present your buildings, facilities, and exterior campus to parents and future students in 3D. Interacting with your campus or school online allows visitors to make a connection before they arrive in person.

​For all campus environments, document inventory and room configurations, plan safety and security measures, and allow first responders quick access to the facility in immersive 3D.

Meeting Space Virtual Tours

Convention & Meeting Space Virtual Tours

​Event organizers will be able to visualize your convention and meeting room space in a way that is much more helpful and engaging than with traditional 2D photography.  Provide your viewers with a comprehensive first-person look into your facility at a time when determining the right fit is crucial to the decision-making process. 

Co Working Virtual Tours

Co-working  Virtual Tours

Co-working ​and shared office spaces offer a work environment where separate businesses with similar work needs can more efficiently perform their everyday work functions.   New businesses wanting to share your co-working space will benefit immensely from a 3D walk-through that allows them to experience your communal working environment and the functional elements that make your space unique in a completely immersive, fully interactive 3D Tour.

Henderson City Government Virtual Tour

City & Government
Virtual Tours

​Offer current and future residents ​a unique and highly information way to learn more about the inner workings and overall layout of your city and government facility with a 3D Virtual Tour.  ​

Insurance Documentation Virtual Tour

Documentation & Insurance Virtual Tours

When documentation is key and ​time is of the essence, incorporating a 3D Virtual Tour into the insurance claim process ​can be a huge benefit to ​all parties involved. 2D photography and time consuming manual documentation have their limitations.  Increased efficiency & improved accuracy are just some of the benefits of 3D documentation. ​

 Wedding Venue

Church & Wedding Venue Virtual Tours

By providing immersive Photography & 3D virtual experiences that are entirely interactive, anyone from around the globe can visit your place of worship or wedding venue anytime, from anywhere.  With 3D modeling technology, you provide your online viewers a sense of the atmosphere you offer, while you showcase your space and allow potential guests or members to make a connection before they visit in person. ​

Tenant Improvement virtual tours

TENANT Improvement & Site Survey Virtual Tours

With Matterport 3D technology, streamline documentation, speed up as-built designs, and collaborate with ease.  Create immersive ​3D virtual tours of existing conditions that can be annotated, edited, and shared across engineering groups and with key stakeholders.

Urban Living

Urban & Multi-Family Virtual Tours

In the past, the consumer experience was limited to a few community specifics, high resolution images and an occasional video. With 3D Virtual Tours, future residents now have the ability to tour any community from anywhere in the world from the comfort of their home. Being able to provide this type of convenience to prospective renters used to be just a dream, but is now a reality with the latest in 3D technology.


Indoor Entertainment Virtual Tours

​When attraction goers, gamer enthusiasts, vacationers, and thrill seekers are looking for their next adventure, make sure your establishment is front and center with a 3D Virtual Tour produced by Step By Step 3D Virtual Tours.  Unlike traditional 2D Photography, 3D Virtual Tours provide an immersive storytelling experience giving your visitors the opportunity to interact with your space in a whole new way.

Commercial Space

Commercial ​showroom
Virtual Tours

​It can be difficult to communicate to online visitors the true breadth of your inventory.  When variety and selection are a key component of your business invite customers to view ​the unique and customized selections ​that make up your showroom with an interactive 3D Virtual Tour.  


Restaurants, Bars, & Brewery Virtual Tours

​For Las Vegas and Henderson restaurants, bars, breweries and cafes wishing to capture the unique ambiance of their dining establishment, a Step By Step Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour creates a stunning online representation of your real-world physical space.

Museum Virtual Tours

​Bring to life the original and unique historic moments that have been memorialized in your city's museums through the latest in 3D technology. 3D Virtual tours provide an interactive top down floor plan view of the entire ​museum providing viewers a better perspective of ​static and traveling exhibits, educational centers, hands-on demonstrations and much more​. 

Fitness Studio

Fitness & Gym Virtual Tours

​A workout facility can be an extremely intimidating environment ​full of complicated, unfamiliar equipment.  Help ease ​​future members fears by allowing them to tour your facility from the comfort of their home​ with a fully interactive  ​3D Virtual Tour.


manufacturing & Engineering Virtual Tours

​Interactive 3D Virtual Tours are an excellent way ​of illustrat​ing the inner workings of an assembly or manufacturing plant to new employees, collaborating departments, upper management, remote clients, and key s​takeholders.  The 3D dollhouse and floor plan views give a unique and highly functional perspective of your equipment, processes, workflow, and overall layout.


recreational vehicle Virtual Tours

​3D Virtual Tours enable anyone from around the globe to explore your boats, recreational vehicles, and planes in immersive 3D, whether on your website or social media platform anytime, from anywhere. 


Cultural & Theater Virtual Tours

​By providing an immersive 3D virtual experience that is entirely interactive, you can draw visitors to new exhibits, show off museum pieces, ​showcase special event spaces ​and unveil stunning architecture.  

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