Terms & Conditions


• We will NOT be moving any items in your home so please make sure to put away anything you do not wish to be in the 3D Tour/photos.

• In preparation for our arrival, a sanitized wipe-down of all surfaces that are likely to be touched such as door handles and light switches would be greatly appreciated.

• We are also requesting that all ceiling fans are turned off, blinds are open, doors to rooms not needing scanning are closed and the house is cleaned and uncluttered. This will help minimize the number of items our photographers will need to touch as noted above.

• To comply with current recommendations from the CDC and the WHO we will be practicing social distancing by maintaining a minimum of at least 6 feet from any other persons in the home. In an effort to reduce exposure and to speed up our time on site, we ask that all homeowners or staff exit the premises prior to our arrival. This also enables us to quickly deliver your assets so that you can get back to conducting important family or business activities. We are asking for a key, lock box or code to gain access. If necessary, someone can meet on site to let us in and then return upon our completion. If you utilize security camera technology, please feel free to keep your cameras on for your peace of mind.

• We want to minimize everyone's exposure so our team members will be sanitizing their hands before and after each shoot, wear appropriate gloves and masks if necessary, and will be cautious about touching surfaces. If the situation warrants, we reserve the right to wear additional personal protection equipment.

• All equipment we bring into the home will be sanitized prior to entering the home and again after departure of the premises.

• SCHEDULING. On average, it takes about 1 hour for every 2000 sq ft of space to be scanned, therefore the time it takes to complete the scanning process will depend on the size of the property. Please inform the homeowner of the duration of the appointment, depending on the size of the home. We will make every effort to finish on time.

• HOME STAGING. The home must be ready to be scanned when the photographer arrives. In order for us to make the most efficient use of our time and to accommodate everyone's scheduled appointment time, the photographer will not be able to wait while items are re-arranged or stylized. This needs to be done before the shoot. Please note that a closed-door indicates that you do not wish that room to be scanned and/or photographed. The camera we use for scanning your establishment can capture your space from every angle, therefore, be sure to hide anything you don’t want to be seen such as personal or private items. Personal photos or confidential customer information that you do not wish to have displayed on the tour should be taken down and stored out of view. Please give your client our In Preparation For Your Scan PDF with our recommendations.

• PAYMENT. Payment is required prior to booking your appointment. Our online booking system incorporates the payment portion right into the booking process.

• CANCELLATION. 24 hours notice is required for cancellation or re-scheduling, which can be done right in the booking account or from your confirmation email. Bookings canceled within 12 hours of a shoot or on location will be assessed and invoiced 25% of the total of services booked and any incurred mileage. If for some reason Step By Step 3D is unable to complete your scan/photoshoot at the reserved time, we will notify you as soon as reasonably possible to reschedule your scan/shoot.

• AREA OF SERVICE. Shoots requested outside of a 50 Mile Radius from the intersection of Eastern and Sunset may be subject to a mileage surcharge of $0.50 per round-trip mile, outside of that radius. (example: shoot is 75 miles away, which is 25 additional miles, one-way, 50 miles round-trip, which totals $12.50 in mileage surcharge)

• ACCESS. The homeowner or agent must be present at any occupied property. Please make the photographer aware of any special considerations or rooms that should not be photographed. A closed-door indicates that you do not wish that room to be scanned and/or photographed.

• SCANNING EXPECTATIONS. Storage rooms and garages are not typically scanned. If you would like to have these areas scanned as part of the tour, please let our staff know as this may incur an extra charge if not originally counted in the initial square footage. We can, however, take a 360° image with the camera and include it in the highlight reel at the bottom of the tour for no additional charge. We typically do not scan pantries, and small interior closets unless specifically requested. We do not scan the exterior of the property due to interferences with the Sun and the infrared scanner inside the camera. Some Matterport Service Providers do attempt to scan the exterior, but this often creates an unsightly and dizzying experience for the consumer and we want your viewers to have the very best user experience possible. We can, however, take 360° images using the Matterport camera and include these in the highlight reel at the bottom of the tour for no additional charge, so please make sure the exterior is prepared as well.

• PETS. We love pets but 3D virtual tours are better without them. Please keep your pets out of the rooms being scanned

• DELIVERY. Your 3D Virtual Tour & Photography links embed codes and property images will be delivered via a link to your own property portal. Property images will include MLS-sized photos and full-sized web-ready images suitable for a blog, website or Facebook. Full resolution downloads are available upon request. (Full resolution images should be used for printed materials, such as brochures.) Please allow up to 48 hours for the delivery of your marketing products such as 3D Virtual Tour and MLS Images.

• VIRTUAL TOUR HOSTING. 3D Virtual Tours are not tangible products and as such are a cloud based product hosted on Matterport’s proprietary servers. Hosting of Virtual Tours will be managed and maintained by Step by Step 3D Virtual Tours. Management of 3D Virtual Tours includes tour editing, implementation of new software features, photograph creation, maintenance updates and 7 day a week technical support. Virtual Tour hosting is a separate ANNUAL cost per 3D model and must be renewed annually in order to maintain active online status of the tour.

• COPYRIGHT & USAGE NOTICE. Step By Step 3D maintains the copyright for all images and virtual tour imagery. Unauthorized use is prohibited by Federal Law. Clients of Step By Step 3D are permitted to use all photos produced for marketing purposes associated with the current sale of property in accordance with local MLS rules. This license is granted only to the AGENT who orders and pays for the product/services on this website. Third-party usage, included, but not limited to, architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers or buyers are prohibited unless approved in writing by Step By Step 3D Virtual Tours. (Note: If your listing expires, it is a copyright violation for another agent to use the photos you commissioned without the permission of Step By Step 3D. In this event, please contact us AND the MLS.)

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