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Henderson and Las Vegas 3D Virtual Tours

Businesses and Real Estate Professionals from all over the world are already experiencing tremendous benefits from the increased exposure of their real world establishment expertly presented in 3D and Virtual Reality. Using Matterport® 3D photography, Step By Step 3D creates 3D Virtual Tours of any real world establishment.  These tours can be shared with clients, customers, vendors, prospective buyers and anyone else wanting to view your space online in a completely immersive 3D experience.  Contact us today to see how a 3D Virtual Tour can help your business.

The Nation's Largest Network of Reality Capture Experts

Does your business need 3D services on a national level?  We’ve got you covered. We are founding members of Reality Capture Experts (RCE) a group of highly experienced and expertly trained 3D Virtual Tour Service Providers currently offering our services throughout the United States and Abroud. If you find yourself in need of a nationwide team to assist you with your project feel free to reach out. We can take care of the project like a project manager, We put together the team needed to meet your nationwide needs. Because of our vast array of service providers from around the nation, Step By Step 3D along with RCE is able to provide the same level of service on a national level. 

Industries Benefiting from 3D Virtual Tours

​A Step by Step 3D Virtual Tour is created using Matterport® 3D technology that collects accurate visual and spatial data of a space, creating a fully interactive 3D experience. Step by Step 3D Virtual Tours offer 3 different environments in which to view your Henderson or Las Vegas space and several different modes to interact with the tour including Self-guided, Auto-Play and Slideshow. Below are just some of the industries already benefiting from 3D Virtual Tours. Contact us today to see how a 3D Virtual Tour can help your business.


Our interactive and completely immersive 3D Virtual Tours powered by Matterport® technology offer potential buyers a 24/7 open house experience, allowing visitors to walk through your listing without ever leaving their phone or tablet.

Convention & Exhibit

For those not able to make the convention in person, attendees can visit your booth virtually to explore existing inventory and experience new and improved product lines right from the comfort of their phone or tablet as if they were actually there. 

Auto, Boat, RV & Planes

3D modeling technology enables anyone from around the globe to explore your vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, and planes in immersive 3D, on your website or social media platform, anytime, from anywhere.  

Hotels & Hospitality

Increase bookings and engage future guests by giving them a truly sensory experience into your room accommodations, upgraded suite features, and hotel amenities such as spa, fitness centers and dining options.

​​Bars & Breweries

Restaurants, bars, breweries and cafes wishing to capture the unique ambiance of their dining establishment will find that Matterport® 3D virtual Tours are the perfect solution.


Want to attract more customers to your retail store or boutique? Don’t just tell them what you sell, show them! Give your customers the opportunity to experience your establishment online with a Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour.

Matterport® 3D Virtual Tours for Retail & Commercial Business

Matterport® 3D Virtual Tours are changing the face of marketing for Retail, and Commercial Businesses including restaurants, hotels, museums, sporting & event venues and more.

Give your Henderson or Las Vegas customers the opportunity to experience your establishment online with a Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour well before they arrive, offering them a more accurate sense of your products and services.  A Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour lets shoppers visit and walk through your Henderson or Las Vegas store, restaurant or hotel online first, giving visitors a chance to learn more about your unique features and offerings. 

Matterport® 3D Virtual Tours for Real Estate

Showcase your next real estate agent listing with a fully interactive and completely immersive 3D Virtual Tours 

A Matterport® 3D Virtual Tours provide an ideal solution for real estate professionals looking for a unique and stunning way to showcase their Henderson or Las Vegas property listings. This interactive and completely immersive Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour offers potential buyers a 24/7 open house experience, allowing visitors to walk through without ever leaving their phone or tablet.  Perfect for those homes unavailable for viewings due to showing restrictions!

Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour Features

​Interactive Walk-Through Mode
​The inside Walk-Through ​allows viewers to explore a space ​interactively guiding themselves through their virtual experience one step at a time. Viewers can easily move from room to room and even floor to floor with the flick of a finger.

​Dollhouse View
​Dollhouse View lets viewers navigate around a complete 3D digital representation of a real-world environment with an outside-looking-in perspective.  Users can explore every inch of your space by spinning the model around a 360° axis.

​Floor plan View
​The Floor Plan View offers a visual representation ​from above​ using a perspective that highlights the relationships between rooms, spaces, and other physical features. This view is ideal for getting an overall layout of the space.

Embed Links
We provide the necessary code for placement of your 3D virtual tour on your personal website using iframe or javascript. If this is something you need help with just let us know.

Custom Branded Tours
In addition to an unbranded version of your 3D Virtual Tour, perfect for inclusion into the MLS, we also provide a custom branded version with your company logo, ideal for for sharing with customers and clients as well as all your social media platforms.

Custom Domain Name
Create a unique and recognizable web address to showcase your new 3D interactive walk-through while increasing internet search-ability for your Henderson or Las Vegas business location, real estate listing, vacation rental or other highlighted venue.  

High Quality Images
Virtual tour images are high quality images created directly from your 3D virtual tour scan great for use in your Henderson or Las Vegas MLS Listings. They are also presented in a ready-made, user-friendly highlight reel at the bottom of each virtual tour.

Showcase Pages
Step By Step’s 3D Virtual Tour Showcase Page is a customized single page website designed to display the 3D Virtual Tour of your Henderson or Las Vegas property and or business in an elegant and eye-catching way.   Simply add this option at checkout.

Annotation Tags
Step By Step Annotation Tags allow you to provide key information about features in your 3D space by anchoring text descriptions, images, and even video to specific physical locations within your Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour   

Virtual Reality Ready
Turn your 3D Virtual Tour into a Virtual Reality experience for your viewers in one easy step by adding this option to your cart and your tour can be viewed in VR by anyone using a Smartphone and a VR Headset.

Schematic Floor Plans
Schematic Floor Plans are high quality, professional looking, black-and-white representations of your space that are expertly generated from the data obtained during the virtual tour scanning process of any Matterport® Virtual Tour.

Google Street View
We are very excited to announce that we are able to integrate your Matterport® 3D Virtual Tour with Google Street View allowing visitors to enter your establishment directly from their search.  

Our Proof is in the Google Review.

Just made so much sense


Step By Step Virtual Tours just made so much sense, and more than paid for itself ten times over the first time I used them. The Selling Agent called to tell me that her clients who lived in California said that my Step By Step Virtual Tour assisted them in making up their mind, simply because they could 'revisit' every square foot of the home as often as they wished, and get up-close views of everything in the home. This tour assisted in developing the Buyers' confidence in their purchase. Thanks so much Step By Step Virtual Tours!

Experts in the virtual reality industry


These two are a great team! Experts in the virtual reality industry and a step ahead of the rest. True to their word and excellent follow through!

Industry leaders in the VR space


Owners Greg & Tracy Welch @ Step by Step 3D are TRUE professionals and industry leaders in the VR space. Marketing is their specialty, so if you have Real Estate to sell, a Retail Business to showcase or a Unique Space to explore, 3D Virtual Reality is the most effective and immersive storyteller available. I highly recommend them and rely on their expertise when I have industry related questions (which is often)