Upcoming Markets

*Make Sure to Book Your 3D Virtual Tour Scan Early*

2023 Atlanta Markets  - July 11th - 17th

2023 Las Vegas Markets - January 29th- February 2nd & July 30th – August 3rd

2023 High Point Furniture Markets - April 22nd - 26th & October 14th - 18th

2023 Dallas Market  

Dallas Men's Show, January 28th - 30th, 

Apparel & Accessories Market + Total Home & Gift Market, March 21st - 24th

Kids World, March 21st - 24th

Dallas Design Days, April 3rd-4th

We Create Your 3D Virtual Showrooms

The showroom sales don't need to stop after Market.  Provide your customers the opportunity to view your Las Vegas, Atlanta and Highpoint showrooms before, during, and after Market with an interactive 3D Virtual Tour shopping experience that can now be linked directly to your Market Center profile. Add custom Media Tags that contain text, imagery, video and hyperlinks within your tour to increase product interaction.  Step By Step 3D, a local Matterport Service Provider and established creator of 3D Virtual Tour experiences specializing in showroom and event space scanning, makes it easy for you to get started. 

Boost Engagement with a Virtual Showroom 3D Digital Twin 

A 3D digital twin of your Market Center Showroom is an exact replica of your physical showroom that can be visualized digitally in an easy to use, interactive, 3D experience.  No special devices or headgear are required to view your digital showroom.  Buyers, vendors and dealers can visit and walk through your virtual market anytime day or night from their mobile phone or desktop giving them a chance to learn more about your products and services. And now, Virtual Showrooms can be added to your Exhibitor Profile giving your buyers an opportunity to view your inventory at any time before, during and after Market, increasing engagement with your product line.  Don't miss out on this opportunity to provide more visibility and access to your showroom.  Call us now to book us for your next Market!

Enhancing Your Virtual Showroom Experience

Your virtual showroom can be further enhanced with Step By Step 3D Media Tags that can be affixed to items or areas of interest in your virtual showroom.  Media tags can be embedded with your company's marketing videos, more detailed product images, and hyperlinks to order pages on your website.  You can even link to other Virtual Tour Experiences.  Browse this World Market Center Showroom to see what your buyers would experience when visiting a 3D Virtual Showroom.

Seamless Shopping Experiences with Your 3D Virtual Showroom

Step By Step 3D can turn your virtual showroom into a powerful shopping experience for your customers by integrating your e-commerce Shopify account into your 3D Virtual Showroom.  Customers can interact with and even purchase products right from your virtual showrooms anytime, anywhere. Embed your 3D Virtual Showroom on any webpage, blog post or social media platform to attract more buyers. The possibilities are endless!  Through our new custom platform we can also integrate access to all of your Market showrooms in one user experience creating a one-of-a kind seamless shopping experience.  A 3D digital twin of your showroom enables anyone from around the globe to explore your product in an immersive socialgenic way, whether on your website or social media platforms anytime, from anywhere.  It's time to build your omnichannel experience. Don't forget to book your 3D Scan today!

Not Sure Where to Start?

Creating your 3D Virtual Showroom is a simple process.  Once you schedule your 3D Virtual Tour shoot with us we send out one of our scanning technicians to scan your showroom with our Matterport 3D Camera during your non-open hours but after you have your showroom setup just the way you want.  During the scanning process, our camera and software will work together to systematically capture your showroom floor. Our time on-site will depend on the size of your showroom.  Back at the office, we then process the data obtained during the scan and fine tune your Virtual Showroom to meet your specific needs.  Upon completion, we provide you with a link that you can include on your website, in your Market Center Profile, on your social media pages and in your email campaigns.  Its that simple!  You can either give us a call at (702) 353-4734, click on the link below to receive a call from us, or complete our Project Request Form below to schedule your 3D Virtual Tour shoot. 


*Make Sure to Book Your 3D Virtual Tour Scan Early*




Please use the form below to tell us a little about your project and your specific needs.  If you have something in mind but don't know where to start, we're here to help.  Step By Step 3D specializes in digitizing any space through the use of laser scanning and 3D Virtual Tour technology.

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