Laboratory Matterport Digital Twins 

Transparency in the scientific process is extremely critical, virtual tours are providing laboratories with the necessary tools to help visitors visualize their facility and its laboratory processes.

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Aiming for enhanced operational transparency with fewer disruptions in your laboratory? 

We provide innovative Matterport virtual tours for laboratories, offering a transparent and interactive way to showcase laboratory facilities and processes. These 3D Digital Twins enable laboratories to present their space and operations effectively to clients, partners, and regulatory bodies, minimizing disruptions and maintaining data confidentiality. With these virtual tours, Step by Step 3D® delivers a detailed, immersive experience accessible from anywhere, demonstrating the layout, equipment, and capabilities of various laboratory types, from forensic to environmental testing labs.

Questions you may be wondering about?

  • Why are 3D virtual tours important for laboratories?
    They provide an interactive way to showcase laboratory facilities and processes, enhancing transparency and minimizing disruptions.
  • How do 3D virtual tours benefit laboratories?
    They decrease workflow interruptions and allow for a more immersive understanding of the facility's design and workflow processes.
  • What unique features do these tours offer?
    They offer an interactive top-down floor plan view, showcasing the layout, equipment, and capabilities of the laboratory by applying media tags to equipment, with video, text, and images.
  • How do forensic labs use these tours?
    Forensic labs use these tours to provide secure, unrestricted virtual access, overcoming privacy and security challenges. documenting assets, layout.
  • What advantages do 3D tours offer to analytical and environmental testing labs?
    They provide a comprehensive view of the lab space, allowing clients to better understand the lab's capacities and capabilities.

Laboratory 3D Virtual Tours

In a time where transparency in the scientific process is extremely critical, virtual tours are providing laboratories with the necessary tools to help clients, customers, and consumers visualize their facility and its laboratory processes. Quite often, third party entities have a need to learn about the inner workings of a laboratory environment, however, laboratory personnel know firsthand the problems involved with providing in-person tours. This is where an interactive 3D Virtual Tour of the work-space provides incredible benefit to laboratory personnel and visitors. Read More...


Matterport® 3D Digital Twins provide viewers an interactive step by step 3d walk through of your laboratory accessible anytime day or night right from their phone or tablet.  3D Virtual tours provide an interactive top down floor plan view of the entire space providing viewers a better perspective of your specialized testing instrumentation, laboratory prep space, storage accommodations, and the overall layout of your lab.  Read More...


Work disruption, privacy issues, and sample contamination are just a few of the issues facing labs when requested to give a tour of their facility.  Having to put aside time sensitive work and confidential data preparing for lengthy laboratory tours are no longer necessary with the incorporation of a 3D Virtual Tour into your workflow.  Laboratories can now provide future clients, upper management, regulatory agencies and other interested parties with the opportunity to see and understand your facility's design and workflow process in an immersive and interactive way, allowing them to become familiar with your full suite of services, and sampling capabilities.  As your 3D virtual tour provider, we can create a 3D representation of your facility designed to deliver a comprehensive look into your testing or analytical facility freeing up you and your staff to conduct the important testing your lab was designed to do.



Outside entities often need to see behind the scenes of the sample analysis work performed by forensic labs, however, allowing non-vetted personnel access into these areas can lead to all sorts of issues.  Laboratory workers are forced to store sensitive data away out of the view of non-laboratory personnel and time-sensitive laboratory analysis must be put on hold until such lab tour is completed which can cause considerable amount of delays in work production.  3D Virtual Tours can overcome all of these obstacles by providing unrestricted 24/7 virtual access into these secure facilities anytime day or night. Non-laboratory employees including associated police personnel, court staff, partnering laboratories and anyone else needing a firsthand look into the crime lab instrumentation and associated processes can view the space anytime from their desktop or mobile device.  Read More...


Analytical and Environmental Testing Laboratories offer a wide range of analytical testing including the organic and inorganic analyses of water, groundwater, storm water, wastewater, soil and hazardous waste samples. Labs of this nature service a large variety of clients some of whom wish to gain a better perspective on the service capabilities of the laboratory. Photos and flyers don't always show the true capacity and abilities of the lab.  3D Virtual Tours however give prospective clients and customers a true to life, fully comprehensive view of your laboratory space.



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