Will 3D Virtual Tours Replace Your Open House?

Will 3D Virtual Tours Replace Your Open House? Could 3D Matterport virtual tours replace my open house in years to come?

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Will 3D Virtual Tours Replace Your Open House?

Could 3D Matterport virtual tours replace my open house in years to come? You might be asking yourself this question as you peruse the latest real estate articles announcing that 3D Virtual Tours are rapidly becoming one of the latest go-to tools for real estate professionals.

3D Matterport Digital Twins  experiences will be a major part of real estate sales without a doubt, but they aren’t meant to replace the “traditional” open house. On the contrary, we believe open houses are just as important as ever in the real estate world when it comes to buying and selling property. They provide an excellent opportunity for prospective home buyers to visit and explore homes for sale at their leisure and without representation. The open house of course offers real estate professionals the opportunity to gain new clients and ultimately, find a buyer for their listing. So what role does the 3D virtual tour play when it comes to open houses?

If you don’t mind us using a food analogy here, one could say that if the Open House is the main course, then 3D virtual tours are the appetizer. A 3D Virtual Tour can provide potential buyers a feast for the eyes before the main entrée is served, thereby building up anticipation of what’s to come. But the age old question still remains, how do you get more interested buyers to show up at your open house? One of the best ways to attract people to any event is by promoting it beforehand as widely and as early as possible in the place where most buyers are hanging out—on the Web. Sharing your 3D virtual tour heavily on social media and across the web can create just the right buzz your open house needs. Experiencing a home virtually offers shoppers a way to see the home and all its attributes in a completely immersive and engaging way ultimately creating a more informed potential buyer. Once at your open house, shoppers will see that the 3D virtual representation of the home aligns with true reality of the home, adding to the fun and excitement of the home shopping experience. After they’ve viewed the home in real-time, a 3D Virtual Tour allows the prospective buyer the ability to continue to indulge by visiting the home again and again until a final decision is made.

In some cases, a 3D Virtual Tour willingly and deservedly becomes the appetizer and the main course and acts as the open house. For example, when holding a traditional open house is just not possible due to HOA restrictions or when the homeowner does not want to open up their home for the purposes of an open house, your 3D Virtual Tour can provide an otherwise unattainable viewing experience. In the case of the out-of-state buyer, 3D virtual tours provide the chance for viewing the home 24/7.

As you can see, there is still a place for the traditional open house in today’s real estate market, however, utilizing 3D virtual tours to augment and highlight your listing provides the opportunity to attract a far greater number of potential buyers. We offer 3D Matterport Virtual tour services in Las Vegas & Henderson and Nationally with a team of Matterport Capture Experts. 

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