Step By Step 3D now offers 3D Scanning of exterior and large scale spaces using the Leica BLK360. The highly efficient and robust Leica image laser scanner integrates seamlessly with the Matterport platform taking your 3D virtual tour to the next level.  Now more than ever, we are being asked to communicate the spatial elements of a space remotely with team members in a location that is different from the actual space.  Step By Step 3D creates 3D representations of indoor and outdoor environments that can be shared with clients, customers, vendors, contractors, insurance adjusters, architects, management teams and more to virtually explore these spaces from anywhere around the world. 

Laser Scanning of Outdoor Spaces

3D Scanning of exterior environments can now easily be accomplished using the Leica BLK360 camera. Step By Step 3D works with many industries that have found a need for the 3D capture of an outdoor space. For example, outdoor 3D Virtual Tours can assist location scouting agents and event planners with their searches through the capture of existing site specific conditions such as daytime/nighttime lighting, utility, accessibility, aesthetics, parking and more.  We also work with site surveyors to capture and document existing exterior building and parking lot structural elements, ADA parking, signage, landscaping, and driving/walking accessibility pathways. Data captured can be shared instantly and remotely with team members needing to evaluate the space for design updates or site modifications. 

Laser Scanning of Large Indoor Spaces

Large scale indoor scanning has always been possible with the Matterport 3D camera however can now be more easily and efficiently achieved with addition of the Leica BLK360 Imaging Laser Scanner.  Large open spaces have often been troublesome and time consuming, however, by integrating the use of the BLK360 into the scanning plan in conjunction with the Matterport platform, a more inclusive online digital twin of your space can be produced. For larger, open spaces needing more intensive data capture, the BLK360 is having a huge impact on scan quality and efficiency.  

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