3D Virtual Tour Media Tags


Highlight specific features in your 3D Virtual Tour with Step by Step Media Tags. Media Tags provide key information about products or features in your virtual space by anchoring video, images, hyperlinks, and text descriptions to specific physical locations. This turns your Virtual Tour into a powerful tool for communicating with retail clients, home buyers, or future customers as they virtually walk through your establishment or property, building upon your omnichannel experience.

What Can I Do With Media Tags?

Media Tags are an an incredible tool used to complement any 3D Virtual Tour.  Media Tags are customizable hotspots that can be anchored to specific physical locations througout your tour.  Almost anything can be embedded into the hotspots including video, images, text descriptions, documents and hyperlinks to external websites.  Media Tags can be used to provide key information about products or features in your 3D space such as special product material, specialized instrumentation, meeting room accommodations, restaurant menus, classroom schedules, and even booking and product ordering.  

Make the ordinary extraordinary! Annotate your property or business amenities with our customizable Media Tags easily embedded into any 3D Virtual Tour.  Step By Step Media Tags are an excellent way to provide the most complete online visual representation of a business or property with as much detail as possible.  Media Tags allow you to provide a comprehensive omnichannel experience for your viewers by providing key information about a product, service, or feature and then delivering the customer back to your website or online ordering portal through the use of outbound links directly in the tags, thereby keeping your customers interacting with you and your business at all times. You can also direct customers to a specific website page right within the tag to give users even more ways to connect with you or purchase your products. 

How Can Media Tags Enhance My Business 3D Virtual Tour?

Media Tags can enhance the user’s 3D experience by pointing out distinct features of an establishment. Take your customers on a virtual walk-through of your business while drawing their attention to unique architectural features, key elements of your space that set you apart from your competitors, or simply highlight the details of your layout that your customers are most interested in.

How Can I Use Media Tags ​​in My Real Estate 3D Virtual Tour?

Home sellers are now seeing more and more people make offers on homes without ever physically stepping inside. Being able to communicate specific attributes and upgraded elements of a home or business to out-of-state  buyers and customers has never been easier.  Listing agents can use the Media Tags to highlight recent upgrades in the home, specialized room configurations, security and electrical improvements, and even community or nearby city amenities.

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I will use you again!

I love the 3D Virtual Tour & Photography they did of my office. They came in on schedule and completed the project quickly. They retook a couple of angles to ensure that what they were producing was going to be complete. Thank you. I will use you again when I want great 3d shots of my hearing aid office.

Ryan Langson BC-HIS

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