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Professional Photography for Real Estate

Step By Step 3D Virtual Tours offers high quality, professional photography services for your real estate listings. Captivate potential buyers and keep viewers engaged with stunning photography depicting the unique aspects of your real estate listing.

Example Before and After HDR High Resolution Photography

Before Step By Step 3D

After Step By Step 3D

Do I Need to Hire a Professional for My Real Estate Listing Photos?

At Step By Step 3D we feel that ​deciding whether or not​ to hire a professional photographer to shoot your real estate ​photos ​should be ​an easy de​cision to make.  When the price is right and the quality ​is superior, there should be no second guessing.  ​

It is widely known that property ​listings with dynamic and visually attractive photos ​capture the attention of viewers ​faster and hold their attention longer than listings without this vital imagery.  Step By Step 3D can make your space come to life with its HDR high resolution photography or high quality virtual tour extracted photos. Give us a call today to enhance your ​real estate listing.

Home buyers browsing through hundreds of property listings tend to browse right by homes with blurry, poorly framed lower quality images and gravitate to full framed beautifully lit HDR images.  Our professional photographers will systematically, and efficiently photograph your property listing, making sure every unique feature and distinct style of your home is captured.  We then digitally enhance your photos to bring your home to life!  Your time is valuable. Let our photographers expertly showcase your home while you spend your time focusing on your real estate transaction.

What Type of Photography Does Step By Step 3D Offer?

  • DSLR Photography. Step By Step 3D provides High Resolution HDR DSLR photography for businesses and real estate listings.  These can either be ordered as ​as a complement to your 3D Virtual Tour or as a separate service if a virtual tour is not needed. 
  • ​All-in-One Virtual Tour Photos. If your business or real estate listing ​needs web use only photos, you might want to take advantage of our all-in-one 3D Virtual Tour service where we provide up to 35 High Resolution images extracted directly from your 3D Virtual tour.  These images are perfect for uploading to your MLS listing, sharing on social media or incorporating into online media marketing content.  While you can also use these images for printing as well, please note that high end editing is not always possible.  With this service, there is no need to order separate photography.  For our real estate agents, these images are resized for the MLS ​and are delivered to you along with the original full size images designed for social sharing or website display.

Booking your photo shoot with Step By Step is easy.  Click on the Schedule Appointment button below.  Choose whether you want HDR photography Only or a 3D Virtual Tour with scan derived images and then pick a convenient day and time that fits within your schedule.  Its that easy.  After the photo shoot or 3D Virtual Tour scan, allow 24-48 hours for the processing of your photos and/or tour.  When processing is complete we send you your photos in the appropriate sizes needed via our easy to use online portal.  From there you can download your photos and begin using them immediately. Don't forget to tag us in your social media posting @stepbystep3d.   

What Do Our Customers Have to Say About Our Work?


I will use you again!

I love the 3D Virtual Tour & Photography they did of my office. They came in on schedule and completed the project quickly. They retook a couple of angles to ensure that what they were producing was going to be complete. Thank you. I will use you again when I want great 3d shots of my hearing aid office.

Ryan Langson BC-HIS

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